CAE opens the call for Secretary General

July 13, 2022, 9:57 am

DEADLINE: Friday, 2 September 2022 (midnight)

It is time for a change at CAE! After almost five years, the time has come to make way for a new Secretary General. Today we will start a process of recruiting, a process that will take some months to secure a proper selection and a calm transition. We hope that the Secretary General can start in full function in our office in Brussels from January 2023.

During these years the whole team has worked tirelessly to consolidate the relevance of the network for both the cultural sector and the European institutions. CAE currently counts 188 members, with a constant growth that demonstrates the interest of cultural agents in being part of our community. Also, the European institutions confirm the centrality of Culture Action Europe as a key interlocutor in their dialogue with the European cultural sector.

This is why the network needs a constant presence of the Secretary General in Brussels: to accompany and reinforce the excellent work of the team.

We are convinced this is the best time for a transition. The network is stable and strong, with EU funding secured until June 2024. Opening the application process now will allow us to appoint a new Secretary General and whoever takes on the responsibility of leading the network will have a certain time to work without any overlap with the next Creative Europe grant application process.

We believe that a dynamic network like ours, which reacts to emerging processes such as those that characterise the cultural sector, must also embody cultures of systemic dynamism in the management of the network.

We are starting the search period for the role with the full support of the Executive Committee and the CAE team. During this time, which allows change to be planned and executed gradually, our current Secretary General Tere Badia will be dedicated to the network as before. We will ensure a smooth transition with the team, the members, and all our interlocutors in the European institutions.

Spread the word to find the best new Secretary General for Culture Action Europe!

Find the role description and application deadlines here.

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