We Are More: Promote

March 10, 2014, 9:35 am

The campaign we are more – act for culture in Europe encourages individuals and organisations across Europe to get involved and stand up for increased support to arts, culture and heritage in the next EU budget 2014-2020.

Become a campaign supporter today:

1. Sign the campaign manifesto! Once we have your signature, we will subscribe you to the campaign newsletter that we send every two months.

2. Advocate! Present the campaign to your local and regional politicians. Argue, persuade and mobilise. Visit our Advocacy-tools page where you can download our advocacy toolkits that provide you with key arguments and solid facts to help you make the case for culture and print and disseminate the campaign’s political statements.

3. Spread the word! Below you will find a wide range of tools that you can use to promote the campaign. To get the latest campaign news, subscribe to the bimonthly newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

For campaign material in other languages, please visit this page.

Download campaign promo material

* Presentation leaflet in A4-format in colour and black & white.

* Poster with campaign message highlighting all the signatures of support (produced for the EU Council of Culture Ministers meeting 10 May 2012). Special thanks go to Chris Torch for the prose and to the team at FF3300 for the graphic design.


Campaign visuals

Campaign postcards

* Campaign promo video

* Play the campaign computer game developed by the creative campaign supporter Folmer Kelly.

* Campaign Powerpoint presentation in English and French.

* Collect signatures to the campaign manifesto straight from your website by installing the iFrame signature box.

* Collect signatures to the campaign manifesto manually during your conferences and events using the pdf-template.

Give visibility to the campaign by placing the campaign logo/banner on your own printed material and website. Click here to download.

Print your own campaign tshirts!

Download the front and back images here – pls don’t hesitate to contact us should you need the files in any other format!

Keep us informed about your actions, million thanks in advance!

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