Advocacy tools

Advocacy tools

We Are More: Advocacy tools

March 10, 2014, 9:35 am

1) Download the Message book – an advocacy toolkit for campaign supporters!

Do you want to support the campaign but feel a bit unsure of what arguments to use? The campaign  [dm]2[/dm] provides you with key arguments and solid facts to back them up. If you end up in an elevator with your MEP or regional politician, the Message book explains how to pitch the campaign during this precious minute! The Message book can also be used when preparing a presentation of the campaign or speaking to journalists. Thanks to the help of dedicated individuals, the Message book has already been translated to several languages.

2) Download the we are more campaign guide for the negotiations on the EU Regional Policy Funds (Structural Funds) – the biggest source of funding for culture at European level! 

The we are more campaign has two demands, namely 1) A bold and daring EU Culture Programme, 2) An increased and more explicit support to culture, heritage and the arts in the EU regional policy funds.

The aim of the campaign guide (updated 20 June 2012) (en français ici) is to help campaign supporters to engage in the regional and national negotiations for the Structural Funds that are part of the EU regional policy funds. The guide explains how this policy works and how you can advocate for a better inclusion of culture within this policy and its funds. The guide includes key arguments and facts that you can use when targeting policy-makers in your region, as well as a comprehensive glossary of relevant EU terms.

3) Get an EU lobbying contacts pack!

To help you with your advocacy work, we have prepared an EU lobbying contacts pack with contact details of key decision-makers regarding the two campaign demands in all EU Member States! Please contact us on to get your copy of the lobbying pack.

4) Other advocacy tools

An Introduction to EU Policies with a special focus on culture and civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries. A toolkit produced for the Tandem project in September 2011.

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