The Presence of the Others

The Presence of the Others

February 29, 2016, 11:13 am


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Title of the project: The Presence of the other

This project is based on the co existence of the three mono theological believes in Dortmund. Involved are two Christian churches (Protestant/Roman Catholic) Islamic two mosque (Turkish/Moroccan) and Jewish the only Synagogue in Dortmund.

The idea is to make imprints (frottage/rubbings) from all the five places and to present them in all five places at the same time. Therefore the imprints are representatives of the other

religions believes.

Presentation– because of being a symbol of the others the treatment, acceptance and relation are a symbol of my relation to my neighbours.

Look back– every community treated the imprints of the other with respect and care.Most of the people very prepared to take something new regarding their believe and their situation in the city.

Integration- Open minded – to present their religion to members of other religions was one of the big chances most of the participants took part.

The quality of the project was visible on different layers.