February 26, 2015, 9:37 am

Culture Action Europe is supporting the T2020 project through the development of an evaluation framework based on the overall social goals of the project. It will help to document the claims of a broad understanding of the social functions of orchestral music (and performance art in general) by developing and measuring with both quantitative and qualitative methods the short and long-term impacts on the quality of life and wellbeing of audiences and practitioners.

The development of the T2020 evaluation component will help the Orchestra and the practitioners to better shape their way of communicating with audiences. Moreover, in the long run, through the experimentation of this evaluation framework within the EUYO concert seasons, there is the opportunity to bring back the fact that culture plays an important role in building and consolidating the basis for social cohesion, peace, wellbeing and accumulation of social capital, all pre-requisite for a healthy society as well as a flourishing economy, at the core of public opinion, debate and decision making.