Hyperdivercité [Workshop]

Hyperdivercité [Workshop]

MCP Broker | Brokering Migrants’ Cultural Participation: Hyperdivercité [Workshop]

February 26, 2015, 1:54 pm

Update on MCP Broker project:

CAE organised learning partnerships on the 24th and the 25th of March in Brussels untitled: Hyperdivercité: le territoire comme espace de relations – Hyperdivercity: the territory as a space for relations. The aim of this workshop was to discuss the issues linked to the management of cultural diversity and migration in order to take politic actions.

It is a fact that the different models of integration currently in place in the European countries should be improved in order to foster cultural participation of migrants in Europe. This issue implies a multitude of factors and challenges, which have to be linked to the ground reality to find efficient solutions to promote the integration of migrants through cultural activities.

Due to the diversity of the policies and communities and the enriching contribution from project partners, CAE decided to gather all the actors of social cohesion and proposed a format of work that allowed room for co-working, making the concept of ‘diversity’ an important element of co-creation.

Hyperdivercity or Hyper-diver-city is an attempt to sketch the portrait of the territory according to Belgium’s scenario.



Note: This workshop is dedicated to Migrants’ Cultural Participation in Belgium and it will be held in French.

“Hyperdivercité. Le territoire comme espace de relations”

 The workshop is taking place on March 24 and 25 in Brussels at the “Tricoterie – Fabrique des Liens”. It is organized under the framework of the European Project Migrants Cultural Participation BrokerLearning partnerships’ phase (MCP Broker).

The actors that will take part are associated by the promotion of SOCIAL COHESION and they have a clear and determined role in opening the society by promoting a better understanding among different cultures. They will be: Public Cultural Institutions, NGO’s, Employment Agencies and the Education sector.

It will be above all a FORUM OF EXCHANGE on migrants’ cultural participation and a precious opportunity to:

  • Share knowledge, exchange competences and good practices,
  • Try to give a common answer to some common « big » questions
  • Influence the political level and nurture a set of recommendations that, thanks to MCP Broker project, CAE will share with policy makers at Belgian and EU levels.

Moreover, it will be an extraordinary occasion to work together in a more transversal way on migrant’s cultural participation as well as to find common areas of political action.

The workshop is organized by Culture Action Europe (CAE) with the technical assistance of Pour La Solidarité (PLS).

To download the programme, click here