BtO Format

BtO Format

July 28, 2015, 8:48 am
15 - 17 October, 2015
Gothenburg | Sweden
Gothenburg | Sweden

Beyond the Obvious – innovative format

Beyond the Obvious conference provokes the common thinking by challenging classical elements of a conference to spark inspiration and new dialogues. It proposes different formats for speeches and conversations to tailor unusual rhythms between institutional moments and uncommon dialogues. By engaging its participants in hands-on working sessions in a laboratory-style, Beyond the Obvious conference allows direct exchange and connections throughout the whole gathering.

The Core

One big plenary space is dedicated to leading figures from the policy, academic, civil society and arts world. Speakers share their experiences, questions and insights with participants.


In a symposium-style setting, Discussion Activators begin by answering questions put forward by the Conference team. They then explore and discuss the power of key ideas and concepts, share their insights on controversial topics and challenge their own beliefs through inputs from participants.


Within StoriesRooms, participants have the opportunity to experience rapid-fire presentations on real stories strongly related to each lens. Between two and four Discussion Activators quickly share the stories from their current (or past) experiences. They then engage, in smaller group discussions, with participants to deepen the issues addressed in their stories.


Scenario Room features a collective and collaborative reflection on future possibilities. Discussion Activators act then as sense-makers of what they see emerging and share their vision and experience showing its impacts and relevance in the way they believe it will shape the future (and the present).



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