Get Ready

Get Ready

October 22, 2015, 7:49 am

Besides common plenaries and lunches, the Conference allows participants to be part of it in two possible ways:

Beyond the Obvious 2015
In a symposium-style setting, a group of Discussion Activators will begin by sharing their answer to fundamental questions. They will then explore and discuss the power of key ideas and concepts, share their insights on controversial topics and challenge their own beliefs through inputs from the moderator and participants.

• “The knight’s move” : the knight’s ability to “jump over” other pieces makes it the most powerful in closed positions. When the knight moves on a chess board, it redefines the balance of forces.
• To provoke the redefinition of the playing field through questions that challenge the common thinking
• To identify the obstacles that prevent the redefinition of the playing field

Download the PDFs with the content background for each session:
IdeasRoom: Express IdeasRoom: Participate IdeasRoom: Create

Participants will have the opportunity to exchange in depth with the architects of emblematic experiences that tackled the issues of the conference. The sessions will begin with these architects, the Discussion Activators, sketching stories from their current (or passed) experience to move then in smaller group to deepen the exchange, share the lessons learnt and take inspiration for the common future.

• To facilitate the exchange of experiences
• To improve the skills of our community
• To deepen the knowledge of different experiences that are currently facing interesting challenges

Download the PDF with with the briefing material used for Discussion Activators:
StoriesRoom: Format

Featuring a lively Lab-style collaborative session starting from inputs shared by Discussion Activators, participants will be invited to deeply explore the given 15 years ahead scenarios of plausible futures. Participants will start from future scenarios used by the major world’s decision makers, and they will work together to understand: what does the plausible future look like? What leverages do we have to make it looks more similar to what we would like? How we can use them? They will trace the factors that are already / may impact on the scenario and reflect on the way they believe these can/will be affected to influence the future (and the present).

Participants MUST register to this session, as this has very limited seats. They will work together for 1,5 day (not including launches and plenaries) weaving across the 3 perspectives of the Conference – create, express, participate – through a high collaborative problem-solving process.

To register, please write to
Seats will be assigned on a “first comes, first serves” basis.

Download the PDFs with the background materials used for the session:
Espas Report 2015 IP scenarios by EPO


Beyond the Obvious