NCK - The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning & Creativity AB

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NCK is a Nordic-Baltic centre for learning through cultural heritage. We perceive cultural heritage as a valuable resource that can help us to create a sustainable and inclusive society where learning is a lifelong process. To develop and examine the potential of cultural heritage we work with lifelong learning and conduct research, method development and policy development in cooperation with cultural heritage institutions, universities and regions in the Nordic countries and Europe. In addition to this we arrange courses, conferences and workshops on a regular basis. NCK is a place where the whole heritage sector can meet. We provide these services because we think that cultural heritage is fantastic. To encounter cultural heritage - in a museum, an archive, an art gallery or a cultural environment - is to see the world from a different perspective. We also think that learning is fantastic. Through learning we gather knowledge about our world. Our understandings and experiences can then be applied to new settings. Consequently, when we learn we grow as individuals. At NCK we utilise art and cultural heritage as a way to comprehend the world around us, to develop new skills, and as a platform to discuss values and attitudes. For us, learning through cultural heritage is a way to change society. Furthermore, it’s a source of continuous inspiration and happiness. This is what we call heritage learning.

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The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning & Creativity AB
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