SICA - Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities

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1 January 2013 marked the start of DutchCulture, centre for international cooperation. This is the new supporting organisation of the Dutch international cultural policy and a merger of SICA, Trans Artists and Media DESK Netherlands. On this page, as well as on our News page, we will keep you updated about the developments related to the merger. DutchCulture strengthens and stimulates international activities in the areas of culture, media and heritage. The organisation connects, informs and advises the cultural sector, the international network of embassies, governments and civil society. We are based in Amsterdam with 33 staff members (22 FTE) in the office. Our activities have been subdivided into five desks: Trans Artists Desk, Europe Desk, Foreign Affairs Desk, Cultural Heritage Desk and SICA Desk. These desks hold their own expertise and offer specific products and services to various consumers, both inside and outside the cultural sector.

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SICA - Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities
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