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Clubture Network (est. 2002 in Zagreb) gathers independent cultural organizations from Croatia and functions as a cooperative platform through which organizations work together in organizing cultural and artistic events in various communities across the country. Due to diversity and the range of activities, and the innovative and inclusive model of cooperation and decision-making, the network has become an important actor in the independent cultural production in Croatia, primarily in areas such as urban and youth culture, interdisciplinary art and cultural projects, activist and socially engaged programs etc.
Activities of Clubture are directed towards decentralization of cultural production and the democratization of culture through networking, strengthening the visibility of the independent scene and advocating positive changes in cultural and related policies.
Alongside successful program "Clubture-Hr: Program Exchange and Cooperation," the network developed and other activities, such as media project (portal and wider annual gathering (Clubture Forum). The network is actively engaged in empowering organizations to advocate in the field of cultural and related policies.
Clubture is active in SEE region over a decade. In 2012. Clubture initiated gathering of the independent cultural organizations from region into collaborative platform Kooperativa - Regional Platform for Culture. Clubture is a CAE member since 2007.

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