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The health and wellbeing of professional musicians and music creators in the EU

Creating and performing music professionally always required physical and psychological resilience. Today, the context is aggravated by the recent COVID-19 crisis and by the necessity to acquire new digital and business skills that put extra pressure on music sector professionals. 

This new reality causes a great deal of concern about the health and wellbeing of musicians and music creators in the EU. As a reaction to this challenge, the European Commission launched an independent study in the context of its Music Moves Europe initiative (Preparatory Action 2019), which:

  • Highlights the main risks for the physical and mental health of musicians in the EU.
  • Distills key policy lessons and the supporting evidence from the most relevant research and provides recommendations for policy and practice.
  • Shows examples of successful actions from several EU Member States.

The study shows that the health and well-being of musicians in the EU is vulnerable to a number of risks and reveals that action on many fronts is needed. Breaking the silence about these challenges can be an important step in our effort to improve policy and the lives of the millions of professional musicians and music creators across the EU.

Download the report to get insights for policy and practice.



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