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The complex nature of boundary work in arts and health

Explore the latest insightful publication from Arts & Health, result of the join effort of Barbara Groota, Joost van Wijmen, Jolanda Lindenberg, Anne Naus, Désirée Bierlaagh, and Tineke Abma, delving into the intricate world of boundary work in arts and health.

In The Complex Nature of Boundary Work in Arts and Health: A Reflective Journey in a Social Design Project the authors present findings from a responsive evaluation conducted on ENCOUNTER#9, an intergenerational arts project situated in an older person care setting. Unveiling the rewarding yet intricate nature of boundary work, the study demonstrates its presence on personal, relational, organizational, and public levels.

This reflective journey sheds light on the challenges and adjustments faced by creative professionals in navigating the dynamic intersection of arts and health, contributing valuable insights to the field.

The aim of this article is to closely examine boundary work in arts and health by carrying out responsive evaluation and arts-based research. Through its detailed, embodied data collection and analyses, this publication makes the messy and muddy reality of boundary work visible and sensible. It shows how collaboration can be tense, difficult and contradictory yet also allow for reflective, transformative experiences in which common ground is found. Analysing boundary work in this way is helpful for professionals carrying out arts in health projects, as the empirical data provides pointers towards the skills needed in these processes, such as reflection and empathy.

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