State of Artistic Freedom Report 2022

The Freemuse State of Artistic Freedom Report 2022 shows the extent of attacks on artists and creative freedom in 2021 through numbers and infographics that illustrate the stark reality of the struggle for rights. They show the numbers of artists reported killed, imprisoned, brought to trial, attacked, and subjected to other forms of persecution. There is also a breakdown by region and by sector – music, film, and other art forms.

Data for this report was collected from international, national, and local media, as well as freedom of expression and human rights monitors. Freemuse’s team of regional officers also gathered information, following up directly with those who had experienced attacks, as well as with their families and supporters. Observations gathered from interviews with some of these individuals are included in this report.

Special attention was devoted to countries with the most suppressive treatment of the artists and their practices: Afghanistan, Belarus, Israel/Palestine, Myanmar/Burma, and Yemen.  

In the “State of artistic freedom 2022” report, Freemuse urgently calls on statutory bodies, civil society organisations and the United Nations, and other international and regional intergovernmental bodies, to address the issue and work towards an end to the repression of the right to artistic freedom of expression. 

The report contains recommendations for institutions of any level, and is useful for cultural professionals, researchers, policymakers, and civil rights activists. 



(saf-report-2022.pdf - 4.33 Mb)