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Stakeholders’ Survey on a European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage

In December 2022 the European Commission published “Stakeholders’ survey on a European collaborative cloud for cultural heritage”. The survey was conducted between September 30, 2022 and November 4, 2022 aiming to gather the views of the cultural heritage stakeholders on the Commission’s initiative to establish a European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage

The Cloud will join and mutually reinforce other past and future European initiatives such as Europeana or the common European Dataspace for Cultural Heritage.

The Cloud has the purpose of:

  • help the cultural heritage institutions to work with their digital objects more visibly and more interconnected
  • unlock the untapped potential of the sector by organizing joint exhibitions, digitizing artefacts, researching artworks, and documenting data
  • enable transdisciplinary and large-scale collaboration between specialists, who will be able to work in a highly professional digital working space using state of the art tools
  • generate new income for the cultural heritage institutions by opening new opportunities for marketing and commercialization, in the particular of the digital dimension of the cultural heritage sector.

Collected data which is a thousand of detailed responses revealed a high interest of the sector in a digital collaboration platform for cultural heritage. The survey focuses on challenges and needs that the sector faces in its digital transition as well as on prioritizing the most useful tools for the Cloud. 

The findings of the survey will permit the Commission to provide targeted support to the cultural heritage sector in its digital transition.