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Report: Post COVID-19 challenges in the live music scenes across Europe 

After the harsh silence of the COVID-19 crisis 2022 marked the return of live music bringing back already existing challenges but also new ones.

The European live music sector continues its hard work to encourage the audience to come back and enjoy a concert, festival or a club night together in a safe and welcoming place. Professionals of the sector but also music lovers continue their fight to make the music scene inclusive and sustainable, and to get the recognition it deserves.

This report defines the challenges revealed by Live DMA members during the network’s autumnal activities and design the milestones of their 2023 activities, based on observation, exchange of good practices, capacity-building and bottom-up of proposals and collective work on policy recommendations, to contribute to an effective dialogue with policy makers at local, national and European level. 

This report is also a way of working together to overcome the difficulties met by the sector, enhance cooperation between live music sector stakeholders. 

The main challenges detailed in this report are:

  • How to get the audience back to the live music events
  • How to deal with the braindrain of skilled staff and volunteers
  • How to advocate at local levels to preserve our music scenes
  • How to create a sustainable live music scene.



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