“Practical Guide for Digital Basic Cataloguing – 10 Principles” for museums by NEMO

The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) has recently published a report with handy recommendations that guides museums in organising and optimising digital information and cataloguing.

The “Practical Guide for Digital Basic Cataloguing – 10 Principles” is developed by the NEMO Working Group Digital Transformation. When adhering to the 10 principles, museums can be ensured that their digital information is optimised for use by both internal and external stakeholders. The report provides guidance on how to process and prepare already defined information for digital cataloguing.

 These recommendations are beneficial for museums of all types and sizes since they may be adjusted to match any organisation’s staffing and financial capabilities. The Practical Guide for Digital Basic Cataloguing covers a variety of important topics ranging from automated data enhancement, multilingualism, provenance and digital sustainability. Each chapter is summarised with handy recommendations and suggestions for further reading.



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(NEMO_Report_Working_Group_Digitalisation-and-IPR_Digital_Basic-Cataloguing_12.22.pdf - 7.25 Mb)