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On Digital Ethics for Cultural Organisations – ENCC Toolkit

The European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC) promotes dialogue and cooperation between social-oriented cultural centres in Europe.

In the last months, ENCC has been working on a renewal of its digital communication practices and tools with a focus on ethics, inclusion and transparency. ENCC recognises that digitalisation is seen as essential to the activities and survival of any cultural organisation, while also being presented as a key lever for the urgent ecological transition. Thus, ENCC has asked the question “How can cultural organisations deal with digital tools, platforms and infrastructure that do not reflect their values and mission?”

The following publication by ENCC, the “On Digital Ethics for Cultural Organisations” paper, serves as a starting point in the organisation’s shift towards dignified and ethical digital practices. ENCC’s working group on ethical digitalisation began by listing the digital tools used in their everyday office life and the experiences that made them rethink their relationship with digital.

Co-written with Spec uloos, a graphic design studio that has been working on digital culture and its limits for many years, the paper gathers reflections, readings, practical research, examples and stories about digital technologies from the perspective of cultural centres and other organisations. Download the paper below.