New European Bauhaus Collective Conference

On Thursday 29 April 10.00-16.00 CET, the New European Bauhaus Collective (NEBC), which Culture Action Europe is part of, organised an online conference “Common Ground: Making the Renovation Wave a Cultural Project”.

In the spirit of the New European Bauhaus (NEB), a newly-launched initiative of the European Commission aiming at bringing the Green Deal closer to the citizens, this conference is designed to be a participatory and multidisciplinary event, enabling people from different backgrounds to meet and exchange ideas.

A key part of the programme consisted of 11 break-out sessions, during which conference participants were invited to discuss and express views on specific issues and challenges relating to the New European Bauhaus. Outcomes of the debate will feed into the ongoing co-creation phase of the NEB initiative.

Culture Action Europe chaired a break-out session on participatory approaches. The session aimed to explore how collective and participatory processes led by artists and cultural agents can catalyse the challenges of sustainable and inclusive practices, which are based upon the strategic collaboration between various disciplines and sectors.

Conference program

Conference recordings available below



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