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inDICEs Change Impact Assessment Framework – Measuring the Impact of Digital Culture

inDICEs is a Horizon 2020 project composed of 14 international partners, aimed at helping cultural heritage professionals, cultural practitioners and policy-makers fully understand the social and economic impact of digitization. The following Change Impact Assessment Framework is one of the outcomes of the inDICEs project. inDICEs developed models to measure the socioeconomic impact of access to culture and monitored new modes of content production and participation enabled by digital cultural heritage. The project hopes to motivate the cultural heritage sector to consider the importance of understanding and evaluating the impacts of active cultural participation in the digital realm.

The Change Impact Assessment Framework is a theoretical tool which can guide Cultural Heritage Institutions in assessing the positive impacts of their participatory activities in the digital sphere.

The conceptual framework proposes a new perspective, supported by a large collection of literature highlighting the importance of designing for the impact that digital active cultural participation can have on participants in a wide spectrum of psycho-social, environmental and innovation areas. Download the framework below.