Tales from Culturopolis | Ep.1 – Diversity

CAE x MCA Special Edition | Ep.1 – Diversity

Culture Action Europe’s podcast Frequencies and Michael Culture Association’s Eucropolis present a four-part collaboration exploring the current discourse and practice around cultural rights in our communities across Europe. The series focuses on the four focus areas of the 2022 conference Culturopolis, co-organized by the Culture Institute of Barcelona and Culture Action Europe, which brought together researchers, cultural workers, artists and policymakers to exchange ideas and work around cultural rights.

This episode focuses on Diversity, on the difficulties around invisibility or lack of diversity and on the importance of participation and the decision-making capacity inherent in the design of cultural policies. This area tackles the diversity of identities included in cultural rights (gender, sex, ethnicity, language, origin, background, etc.) and the difficulties that may be encountered with regard to freely experiencing this diversity.

There is a need to tackle the insufficient presence and visibility of diversities in cultural expressions and practices, as well as in participation and the decision-making capacity inherent in the design of cultural policies.

Special guests:
Creative Homeless – An initiative for combating the stigma of being homeless through artistic practice
Jaslyn Reader – ​​Alumni Deakin University, Society of Gender Professionals
Sara Brighenti – Deputy commissioner of the National Plan for the Arts – promoter and co-author of the Porto Santo Charter
Joana Dark (Ariadna Rulló)

Music Credits:
Musical excerpts from Joana Dark
Intro: Funk Saviour – Ketsa
Intermediary: Typing – Johnny Ripper, Daniel Birch – Birds Eye View,
Outro: Can’t Stop We – Ketsa

Episode produced and hosted by:
Marco Fiore, Michael Culture Association
Maya Weisinger, Culture Action Europe



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