Flanders Arts Institute: ‘Does passion pay off?’

The study ‘Does passion pay off? A study into the socio-economic position of professional artists in Flanders’ considers the socio-demographic profile of artists, the diverse activities that the artists performed and the extent to which they were remunerated for them among other factors and the effects these have on the socio-economic position of diverse professional artists in Flanders.

This study is an initiative of Flanders Arts Institute, Kunstenloket, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Flemish Literature Fund (VFL), Social Fund for the Performing Arts (SFP), ACOD-Cultuur trade union, Overleg Kunstenorganisaties (oKo) (Industry Federation for the Arts) and the Department of Culture, Youth, Media and Sport. The research was conducted by Jessy Siongers and Astrid Van Steen of the research unit CuDOS (Ghent University). Flanders Arts Institute strives to strengthen the position of individual artists, in artistic as well as socio-economic terms. This study contributes to the implementation of this action line.

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