CVAN Toolkit 3: intersectionality for visual arts organisations

Contemporary Visual Arts Network England (CVAN) has published its third ‘call to action’ toolkit. This toolkit is aimed at helping organisations consider intersectionality by unpicking how they can think beyond the single-identity narrative to recognise the multiplicity of barriers facing marginalised and underrepresented communities. It includes prompts to think about the organisation’s culture towards intersectionality, the importance of data, ways of working and platforming intersectional voices.

This toolkit is designed as a prompt, to help visual arts organisations consider how they can explore and address intersectionality in order to be able to support artists and arts workers from marginalised and underrepresented communities.

CVAN recommends using this toolkit in conjunction with its Fair and Equitable programme research report, Fostering Equity in the Visual Arts Sector. The report includes 20 recommendations for organisations to take action around creating an equitable and inclusive visual arts sector, focusing on marginalised and underrepresented communities.

Download the toolkit below.



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(CVAN-Toolkit_03.pdf - 1.18 Mb)