[OPEN] Club Day Panel – Support your local Music Scene

On Tuesday, 2nd of February, 2021 Live DMA moderated the Club Day Panel – Support your Local Music Scene.

Panelists discussed why local live music stages are key for safeguarding Europe’s cultural diversity, boosting European artists’ and encouraging social cohesion.

This panel aimed to foster a better understanding of the often harsh realities live music stages are facing and to recognize them for their cultural, artistic, and social importance for Europe.

Speakers :

  • Niklass Nienass, MEP (The Greens/EFA)
  • Ibán García Del Blanco, MEP (S&D Group)
  • Laura Hanequand, Court-Circuit (live music association in Wallonia & Brussels)
  • Feike Ter Wal, EKKO (live music venue in the Netherlands)
  • Moderator: Audrey Guerre, Live DMA (European network for live music associations, European coordinator of [Open] Club Day)


The full recording is available below. You can find more relevant material on Open Club Day website.

The video from the Live DMA Network Youtube channel



#CulturalDemocracy #CultureAsAWorkPlace