CAE | Reflection paper. Social security for atypical workers

The forms of employment are diversifying. Are these “atypical” operating modes impacting access to social protection for workers who don’t have a conventional employment status (that is to say, permanent and full-time)?

For this exploratory research on a European scale, SMart and CAE have decided to address the issue comprehensively. The aim is to highlight the impact of global changes on the European labor market and access to social protection of individuals.

A questionnaire translated in to 6 languages ​​where broadcast throughout Europe.

The data collected clearly shows that the further away from a permanent job, the less access to social protection.

Questions about access and ways to make these rights available are presented. This analysis is a plea for a comprehensive approach on access to social protection, it is also a call for partnership to continue the data collection and reflection to improve access to existing systems.