Creative Chaos: Enlightening the Socio-Political and Environmental Crises

February 17, 2017, 11:29 am


The Scenarios Room (coordinated by Alex Meszmer, Laszlo Karvalics and Lars Ebert) used a timeline for the next twenty years in five, ten, fifteen and twenty years (2022, 2027, 2032 and 2037) as a method of creative thinking. This very ambitious technique was organized around three streams of thought concerning Information, People and Things. It encouraged collective visualization and unleashed the participants’ active imagination in producing some very interesting remarks which provided both hope and anxiety. Concepts for the future clustered around the Internet of things, archaeology, contextuality, the working together of biology and other disciplines. Putting together an idea of new taxonomies of life were suggested, as well as combining things and objects, looking back on our scenario and looking at patterns.