ArtsProfessional publishes an article by CAE on UK referendum

February 1, 2016, 10:35 am

On 28 January, UK based platform ArtsProfessional published, “The European perspective”, an article by Katherine Heid, Culture Action Europe’s Head of Political Development, on how a British exit would affect the arts.

The article analyses how the absence of programmes such as Creative Europe, Erasmus+ and HORIZON2020 would affect arts professionals in the UK, not only by losing possible funding sources, but also by precipitating a lack of exchange and isolation. In the other hand, the European cultural landscape would suffer immensely with the British exit: “The British cultural scene is much valued for its creativity and innovation, and its hands-on approach to impact assessment. English is currently the means of communication chosen in many European exchanges”, (Katherine Heid).

More importantly, the article points out how a vote against solidarity, diversity and openness – major EU values – would lead to a more nationalistic approach of cultural policy and cultural activities in general.

“The UK and the EU are stronger together and drive positive change on a national, European and global level. By standing together we can show the world, and future generations, that unity is powerful and can overcome fear and reclusion, creating a European Union we can all be proud of”, Ms  Heid concluded.