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Global Call to Put Cultural Heritage, Arts and Creative Sectors at the Heart of Climate Action

On 8 December 2023 artists and cultural voices from across the world, including Culture Action Europe and a number of their members, united to call for climate negotiators at COP UN Climate Conference to put cultural heritage, arts and creative industries at the heart of climate action.

The process to organise this Call to Action campaign was launched on 28 September 2023 during CAE’s member Europa Nostra’s event, “European Cultural Heritage Summit” held in Venice, Italy at the European Heritage Hub Forum “Reimagining the Anthropocene: Putting Culture and Heritage at the Heart of Climate.”

Signatories of the call to action are asking for a ground-breaking ‘Joint Work Decision on Culture and Climate Action’, a UN process which would trigger policies and frameworks to enable culture to contribute fully to climate solutions.

A Joint Work Decision would launch a process to understand how culture – heritage, arts and creative sectors – is already supporting climate actions and solutions, support cultural voices to influence audiences and consumers, unite the entire culture sector globally to scale up action on the most pressing issue of our time, influence key policies and discussions on adapting to the changing climate, decarbonising, supporting cultural knowledge keepers, safeguarding heritage and culture, and innovating with creativity.

Read the full open letter here.