Arts Rights Justice Working Group: Videos

February 27, 2015, 11:07 pm

This series of short films was compiled to mark the presentation to the European Parliament of the UN report, “The Right to Freedom of Artistic Expression and Creation” by United Nations Special Rapporteur in the filed of Cultural Rights, Ms Farida Shaheed. The event was a project of ARJ Working Group.

All movies were shared with the permission of their authors, who encourage all viewer to use and/or share them!

“Taming Content” – written, directed & edited by Andre Adolf Manuel; Co-directed by Chantel Erfort Manuel; Dancer: Agatha Manuel (the European); Puppet: Andre Adolf Manuel (the African). Contact:


Submitted by Catherine Helland/ICORN. Contact:


“My Wishes in Exile”, is a film by Kianoush Ramezani, Iranian artist, cartoonist, and human rights activist, who left Iran due to his involvement in Iran’s Green Movement and his position in the Cartoonists’ Rights Network International (CRNI). Kianoush Ramezani has lived in France since 2009 as a political refugee. Contact:




“My dear friend” is a moving film by Egyptian filmmaker Ahmed salah on the oppression of the LGBT community in islamic countries.


“The Phobia of Relativity” invites us to unite and finally truly act as a globalized world by joining forces against poverty, corruption and war, so that every human being can have access to education, health and justice. Filmed in Morocco, Mali, Mauritania and Burkina-Faso in 2011. A Interzona 42, Bambini Nel Deserto & Xéxé Filmes production. Contact:


“Brüssels” is an expression of the problems the Croatian people are seeing everyday. The contrast of a beautiful country and catastrophic politics, as well as the divided perception of the politics. Marko Čubrilo is a freelance artist, multimedia-producer and journalist. Contact:


Submitted by Maria Eugenia Penagos, the video presents Edwin Almed Dominguez Forero, theatre director at Summum Draco, Colombia and representative of the Circulo Colombiano de Artists, speaking on the right of freedom of expression and artistic creation. Contact:


Nasrin is an Iranian writer and guest in Växjö, Sweden. As a woman writer in Iran, Nasrin faces many difficulties, including being denied the right to publish her stories.


Submitted by Ole Reitov/FREEMUSE (


Freedom of expression in Cameroon is an illusion. Artists and journalists are arrested, tortured, imprisoned or murdered. Cameroon is still one of the few “democratic countries” where censorship exists in cinema. “139 … Latest predators” denounces the longevity of African heads of state in power, electoral fraud and violations of human rights. Contact:


Contact filmaker Federica Peyrolo at


Submitted by Simon Gross, UK (


At the beginning of the 60s the “swine law” went into effect in Israel. The law forbids raising pigs on Israeli ground, based on the claim that they are defiled animals. Today pigs grow on ramps, like roofing beams, above the ground. The solution provided by the beams is so successful that countries in the rest of the world use this invention. This means that the future of pigs everywhere is to be elevated above the ground forever. Contact:


“Deaf Song” was produced by Musicians without Borders in Palestine and was created by deaf Palestinians and refugees. For more information, please contact Fabienne van Eck and Ahmad al’Azzeh at


Submited by Cathrine Helland/ICORN ( on behalf of Mansur Rajih.


Submitted by Cathrine Helland/ICORN ( on behalf of Easterine Kire.


“Everything is Sacred” was was produced by Musicians without Borders in Palestine and was created by Deaf Palestinians and refugees.
For more information, please contact Fabienne van Eck at at


“Moal yad” is an analysis of Israeli society. It is a social experiment that provides an insight into Israeli past and present. Contact:


Artist Anthony Schrag talks about his project “Taking the Offensive”.

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