VVC - Association of Flemish Culture Centres

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The VVC promotes the business and content-based interests of cultural centers and community centers (CC's). The VVC offers a platform for cultural centers to meet, debate and exchange information. The VVC formulates common views and gives advice to policy makers. We represent the cultural centers in our contacts with the Flemish and federal government and other organisations. We provide legal advice and interpretations to our members. The VVC is co-founder of the European Network of Cultural Centers.
The VVC believes in the value of cultural centers and community centers. CC's are open houses where professional arts and amateur arts are presented to a broad public. CC's support socio-cultural associations and amateur groups in their activities. CC's organise workshops, courses and art classes and develop educational programmes for schools. CC's stimulate active participation of individuals and of the local community.

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VVC - Association of Flemish Culture Centres
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