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A.B. OncoLogic & Arts is a private enterprise which provides consulting services in the field of neoplastic diseases and promotes creative arts. It was founded 2012 by Dr. Thanasis Bagatzounis in Cyprus and continues its operations in Hamburg since February 2014. In response to the positive reactions to his ART GREXIT project, a campaign on the effects of corruption on human lives, Dr. Bagatzounis has created in cooperation with the young artist Monogiou Penny a unique space in Hamburg, Papenhuder57 Gallery, where creative people and active citizens can get together, share their experience and conduct joint projects advocating for justice and transparency in health care and more. OncoLogic&Arts is a vitally important project. We need your support; cancer is part of our daily life and today’s actions will make the difference for every single European citizen in the future.

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Oncologic & Arts LTD
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