Network of European Royal Residences

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The Network of European Royal Residences, founded in 2001, is a unique network in Europe of exceptional heritage sites. It gathers together 25 institutions in charge of managing the most prestigious palace-museums in 15 European Union countries, it embodies the history of Europe and plays a major role in promoting European culture and heritage.
Today, these royal residences are historical houses, museums; places of power, they host contemporary exhibitions and institutional event. All of these activities often co-exist representing new challenges.
The network allows its members to learn from each other, sharing experiences and best practices related to the knowledge, preservation and enhancement of the rich cultural heritage entrusted to them, for the benefit of the 35 millions of visitors they receive every year.
The Network also aims to develop and support cooperation projects between its members and external partners as mobility projects or international symposium.

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Network of European Royal Residences
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