IG Kultur Österreich

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IG Kultur Österreich (Austria) is representing cultural organisations all over Austria and handles national and international networking, co-operation and lobbying. The mayor task is to improve working condition for emancipatory cultural work, influencing Austrian cultural policy making and support cultural initiatives in their work. Its staff is providing services with organisational, management, legal, strategic and financial issues. The IG Kultur is conducting campaigns and projects on FairPay, rights and many more. The media work of the IG Kultur consists of it’s own magazine in print and online form, a radio show which is broadcasted once a month in the free radios all over Austria and several Social Media Channels.

IG Kultur is member of Culture Action Europe, the European Network of Cultural Centers ENCC, the European artist network On The Move OTM, the network of interest groups of public benefit organizations in Austria IGO and the Austrian council for culture Kulturrat.

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