Društvo Asociacija

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Asociacija, Association of Arts and Culture NGOs and Freelancers, a network that has been informally operating since 1992, is today professionally coordinated and joins 93 organizations and individuals. Its objective is to advocate for the improvement of the working conditions and the systemic position of freelance artists and NGOs in art and culture and the individuals working for them. Our main goal is to ensure equal working conditions as compared to those of public institutions as well as a general improvement of the position of art and culture in the state and society. We stand for an up-to-date cultural politics promoting cultural and artistic diversity and providing conditions for equal access to various contents. Asociacija is an interest group founded on the principles of democracy and solidarity. Our common interest is to improve the overall position of contemporary artistic and urban cultural practices. Internally, Asociacija functions as a forum for the exchange of opinions, which the Management Board encourages, coordinates and articulates.

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Društvo Asociacija
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