ATCL Associazione Teatrale fra i Comuni del Lazio

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Throughout the years, the activity of cultural promotion has evolved in two directions. On one side A.T.C.L. grants equal opportunities for the fruition of the cultural product to the institutions and the public. On the other side it offers a broader service aimed at rediscovering local traditions, appraises the innovation within the performing arts practices, promotes the interdisciplinary nature of art, incentivizes artistic research, creates new audiences and raise consciousness in the spectators while offering youngsters uplifting activities to undertake in their free time contrasting social exclusion. This is how A.C.T.L. goes beyond the simple and basic task of programming the theatrical seasons.
A.C.T.L. aims thus to promote culture as a new means of collective development and to improve its educational- pedagogical function on the citizen as well as its aptitude to deepen social aggregation and multiethnic integration and valorize its capacity as an economic driving force as well as a potential tourism attraction.

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ATCL Associazione Teatrale fra i Comuni del Lazio
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